Download Dragon City (Free) for Windows, android etc

Mobile gaming, these days, is very popular these days mostly among youngsters. The earlier known game on a mobile phone is Tetris. But games these days are socially connecting. People from various places can play it together on various platforms.

One such game is Dragon City. The dream of ruling your own fantasy world populated with scaly dragons and other beasties can be fulfilled by playing this game. You have to breed, hatch and raise dragons and enter into battles against friends or various other league tournaments.

You can also clear lands, build homes and develop farms to feed your growing population of these wild dragons. The game can be played both on IOS and Android platforms.

You have to train fire breathing dragons and claim the title of the top Dragon Master. The game has very high resolution and stunning graphics hence making it very easy for eyes to play. It is also easily portable which means players can bring their Dragon City wherever they go. use this dragon city hack generator to get more gems in your game

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Gaming is a dream for all both young and old. It’s not only a way of keeping one busy but it also keeps
your mind occupied and also works as a connection of friends and family.

Playing with a single console in a family of gamers might be a challenge. You might be left with only one option of buying an extra console.

However, for the console to work and be of help to you and your friends, you need to connect it to an active Xbox Live Gold. Also, check free Xbox live codes no survey

Sharing an Xbox live Gold helps you to enjoy Smart Match, multiplayer gaming as well as Game DVR. Learning how to share an Xbox Live Gold is easy and very fast. All that you need to do is to follow a few steps provided in this article.



PlayStation TV greatly called Vita TV in Japan is the Vita handeled game console. It is played by physical cartridges. It was released in Japan on November 14, 2013. PlayStation TV is the boon for all the fun seekers who find their way through gaming and relaxing their mind. Whether or not someone has ps3 or ps4 this PlayStation TV plays a vital role as this is a tiny box that attaches to the TV and let you stream the videos and play the game all day long. PS TV helps you download all your favorite movies and TV shows from the PlayStation Store. It comprises of the video streaming apps like Crackle, Crunchy Roll, and Qello.

What can a PLaystation do?

PlayStation TV has great potential. It supports vita games to a memory card but not all Vita games will work as standard DualShock 3 pad doesn’t have all the access of the Vita. PlayStation TV excellently plays all the games of PS, PS2, and PS3 as Sony uses Gaikai technology backed in 2012. The accessible low-cost box acquired with the quad-core cortex A 9 CPU, The PowerVR SGX543MP4- plus GPU and 512 MB of RAM, and can play Vita games effectively. It uses very similar internals to PS Vita. PS TV effectively runs as an extension to PS4.

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