PlayStation TV greatly called Vita TV in Japan is the Vita handeled game console. It is played by physical cartridges. It was released in Japan on November 14, 2013. PlayStation TV is the boon for all the fun seekers who find their way through gaming and relaxing their mind. Whether or not someone has ps3 or ps4 this PlayStation TV plays a vital role as this is a tiny box that attaches to the TV and let you stream the videos and play the game all day long. PS TV helps you download all your favorite movies and TV shows from the PlayStation Store. It comprises of the video streaming apps like Crackle, Crunchy Roll, and Qello.

What can a PLaystation do?

PlayStation TV has great potential. It supports vita games to a memory card but not all Vita games will work as standard DualShock 3 pad doesn’t have all the access of the Vita. PlayStation TV excellently plays all the games of PS, PS2, and PS3 as Sony uses Gaikai technology backed in 2012. The accessible low-cost box acquired with the quad-core cortex A 9 CPU, The PowerVR SGX543MP4- plus GPU and 512 MB of RAM, and can play Vita games effectively. It uses very similar internals to PS Vita. PS TV effectively runs as an extension to PS4.

PS TV is all ready to access gameplay from PS4 all you need is a strong Wi-Fi connection throughout your house. PS TV is not acquired with any display screen instead of it directly connects to the TV via HDMI and gives a pleasure-seeking experience through the big screen of your television. Although some games that use system’s microphone, camera, and gyroscopic features are not compatible with PS TV. It also allows contents from Hulu and Niconico.

Contents of Playstation

The device also features software content of the PS Vita such as the web browser and the email client. Also, there are some future plans for media support and DLNA support for video streaming and image and audio file transfer. It superbly holds more than 100 Vita games. And also, PlayStation portable, PlayStation, and pc engine title. It is technically called a VTE 1000 series. To play and enjoy your games all you need is a PlayStation dual shock 3 and dual shock 4 controllers. The tiny box also comes along with inbuilt Wi-Fi but if you want to use it along with PS 4 you must have a well-grounded Wi-Fi connection at home. This will increase the performance of the device dramatically. Some of the games compatible with PS TV include crash bandicoot, driver, God of war collection, Hotline Miami, LittleBigPlanet, Metal gear solid, Persona for Golden and much more.

Final words

So, PlayStation TV is a device that will give you a drive through the world of games, movies, and videos of your own choice on the larger screen that will fulfill your desire to play and enjoy your day. It will shoot you on the roller coaster of amazing games all under one small device.

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