Gaming is a dream for all both young and old. It’s not only a way of keeping one busy but it also keeps
your mind occupied and also works as a connection of friends and family.

Playing with a single console in a family of gamers might be a challenge. You might be left with only one option of buying an extra console.

However, for the console to work and be of help to you and your friends, you need to connect it to an active Xbox Live Gold. Also, check free Xbox live codes no survey

Sharing an Xbox live Gold helps you to enjoy Smart Match, multiplayer gaming as well as Game DVR. Learning how to share an Xbox Live Gold is easy and very fast. All that you need to do is to follow a few steps provided in this article.

Simple steps of sharing Xbox Live Gold There are two main ways of sharing Xbox Live Gold which are:

  1. On the go
    This simply means signing up at a friend’s or relative’s house then you let everyone to enjoy multiplayer gaming through your signed-in account. The best part for this is that your friend doesn’t have to be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber for them to enjoy multiplayer gaming. Once you sign in with your personal Xbox Live Gold Account, all your friends using that console will have access to multiplayer games provided you keep your account signed in.
  2. At home with Xbox Live Gold
    Xbox Live Gold offers all its subscribers to share the benefits and fun that comes with being an Xbox Live
    Gold subscriber. This is possible if you allow them to use your Xbox One console at your house. For your friends to enjoy this service, they will be required to create their own Gamertags and accounts on the console. This will give them access to Xbox Live Gold online multiplayer gaming. For friends and family who are already subscribed to Xbox Live Gold and they have their own Gamertags and are interested in using your account has nothing to worry about. These ones are more advantaged as they can be able to sign in and continue playing online multiplayer games even after you are signed off.

What Home Gold means

For everyone in your home to enjoy powerful and personal Xbox Live Gold experience, you all need to have personalized accounts.

This is one of the main existences of Home Gold. Since each one of you has personalized Gamertag, there will be no need of sharing it with others in your home when enjoying multiplayer gaming.

Having Home Gold also prevents the possibility of recommendations for the adults to appear next to the recommendations for your children in the family. At the same time, it makes it possible to enjoy multiplayer games and new games with visiting friends.

When you get a single Xbox Live Gold subscription, many people will enjoy the benefits and the fun of Xbox Live Gold at no extra cost.

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