How to get coins on Avakin life?

avakin life guide

YouTube games have gained popularity these days, young children like to spend more time to explore the internet games. There are many such prominent games that people are indulged in playing during their free time.

Avakin life is one of such games, it’s a 3D social fashion app where the players customize to create a 3D avatar with their own apartment so that they can encounter new people, chat with their friends and explore the 3D world. This game is available in Android devices and IOS devices as well. 

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 There are productive ways to gain Avacoins without cheating. Without the Tapjoy offers or the in-app gains it could be really hard to earn Avacoins. The 5 can provide with Avakin life Avacoins in a reasonable way.

You will get a 3% discount. If you buy Avakin life Avacoins from 5, it is reliable, cheap and professional. The free avacoins is really hard to earn, that’s the reason many players just try to hack the free coins and lose all the fun in playing the game. 

The qualified players recommend the following aspects like visiting the app each day, buying the coins as well as gem items. There is the option to buy your own Avakin coins. Also, you can go for tapjoy. At the top right of the screen, you will find an icon that contains coins. If you click on it, this will connect you to the screen where you can watch the videos to get some coins.

You can explore the different options or offers on tapjoy to get the coins. You could even give a reference for your friend to Avakin. They will have to play the game until they reach level three or until they get a prize or yo coins.

Every time you go one level higher, you will earn some points. You also can earn free Avakin points once you start playing the game, you will get 1500 coins when you begin the game. As you play the game, new levels will be unlocked, your collection of points will also surpass. 

Buying the Gem stuff 20 XP, you will get 20xp. Feeding your pets every day like 20 XP will help you to earn 20 XP. Collecting gems can be rewarding too, once you gave collected gems from various apartments, you will earn more points. Rating apartments can be another way where you will be able to earn more points, gifting, visiting the app daily, completing objectives can give you quick points and take you to higher levels. Whenever visitors visit the scene, you will be able to earn more liberal points. 

Avakin life has become famous over the years, it gives the players the freedom to become whatever they want to, go shopping, interact with other players, dress up the way they want to, and also to be involved in various forms of entertainment. In order to go to the next level quickly, all players think of gaining Avacoins rapidly. 

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