Only fans leaks

Only fans leaks

A working mom of united states said that her sexual content was leaked in a Marine camp.

The mother used to sell sexual content on a website known as the only fans. When the newspapers connected with her on this issue, she said that she was a single mom who was just trying to pay her bills. 

According to the mom, her sexual content from only fans was stolen and was airdropped in the entire Marine base camp. Visit This url: only fans hack

When she posted videos on only fans, she covered a face and her tattoos, but when it was spread in the entire Marine base camp, her face and tattoos were visible. 

Things she did to stop it

According to the mom who is known as wills tried to delete the entire content on only fans, she said she could not do that unless she paid her subscribers a full refund. The head of the military base camp said that he did not know if the mom violated any of the policy of the only fans, but said that the man who distributed her content without her permission will be charged and will be investigated.

Only fans response

When Marine corps tried to contain the only fans about this issue.  They never had the time to respond to this issue. They reportedly have no clue, on who has done this kind of sinful activity and they are also investigating on it. This was the statement by only fans on one of the local newspapers. The mom said that she knew what was she going into but never thought it would be airdropped into the entire base camp.  She took it to twitter to express the anger and here is the screenshot of her statement. 

Are only fans safe?

Yes, only fans are complete safe platforms where hundreds on adult start post their content.  You need to subscribe to their services in order to view their content and talk to them. With this leak, there has been a breach in secuirty which needs to be addressed immediate effect. It is clear that the secuirty framework of only fans is needs to improve. For instance, they should make use of malware attack systems which are known intrusion prevention system and intrusion detection system.  When these two systems will be implemented then the IT team of the only fans would know that someone is trying to steal the content from their website and they could then use the intrusion prevention systems to mitigate this issue.


Well, there are a list of things that the only fan needs to follow to make the community a safer place. Firstly, the management of only fans needs to have an incident response team. The incident response team would address any suspicious activity in the company. This can be a disgruntled employee trying to steal private information or a cyberattacked trying to do secuirty breaches. The incident report should always be kept informal tone so that there it does not give rise to anxiety and anger when it is presented in front of the higher authority.  

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